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Xangars is a global IT solutions provider leading the off shoring revolution with its cutting-edge services that provide support and impetus to emerging & established businesses in the areas of IT consulting, product engineering, social networking, custom software development, application integration and maintenance.


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Xangars is a global Talent solutions provider with mission and passion to connect world-class talent with marquee global companies in ways that make work incredibly meaningful, valuable and beneficial for everyone. At Xangars, We are at the intersection of technology and talent. We enable tech-forward organizations to design, build, operate and automate the technology that powers their business through our innovative and dynamic Talent Solutions. When we engage, we bring fresh ideas that help you galvanize your performance through our TALENT solutions. With our signature innovative approach to manufacture the Talent, Xangars has effectively leveraged the market presence & profitability for clients hailing from backgrounds as diversified as large BFSI companies, Engineering Solution companies, healthcare industries, technology organizations and automobile companies

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